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Who We Are

Who We Are

Clarke Ellen Events is a laser focused Event Design Agency that has been in business for 25 years with the knowledge, connections, business place, and expertise to take an event to the highest level.  By understanding the expectations and vision of our clients we can develop, create, manage and execute our services in a manner that is unparalleled in our industry.

What We Are

A Company with a high level of passion, assists In creating and developing a singular event no matter the size of the project. We provide innovative concepts, creative designs and flawless execution to generate an experience that will create memories that will last long after the event is over.  Our elite staff with over 100 years of combined design and management Involvement, will create and produce a unique and innovative experience that will leave clients with lasting memories far beyond the event.

Why We Are

Because moments matter. We take seriously the opportunity, the trust and the challenge our clients give us when we are engaged to create an event.  It is our goal to reinvent our industry by thinking outside the box in all phases of our event design services.  To create a Company that believes in communication, quality, forward-thinking, innovation, customization, and unwavering attention to details.  To serve our clients with passion and creativity that will provide an event beyond their dreams and expectations.

Our History

After a successful career in the restaurant and hotel industries, Clarke Allen created his first business, Charlotte Arrangements, which was the first Destination Management Company (DMC) in Charlotte in 1994.  CreatrixDesign was formed in 1997 as an event design and production company.  In 2005, Clarke opened his event venue, Centerstage@Noda. Legacy Charitable Partners (LCP) was formed as a consultative group for nonprofits and charitable organizations.  In 2012, all of these lines of business were brought under the Clarke Allen brand and Clarke Allen Events was born. The joining of forces will allow for continued growth and expansion of direction in an ever-changing environment.

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