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Design is where Science and Art Break Even

We take seriously the opportunities and challenges all events can possess

Whether you are transforming 20,000 square feet into an extraordinary, themed environment or you need a simple display or backdrop, Clarke Allen Events handles a variety of projects from permanent installations to one-time rentals. Our team designs in the first person, employing strategic and practical processes to develop design concepts that will blow you and your guests away.

With the use of scenery and props for theater, corporate art and graphics, staging, fabrication, and installation. Clarke Allen Events creates breathtaking aesthetics.  Our team works with designers and contractors to unify your vision and work with your schedule and budget.  Our culture of collaboration ensures that your vision is at the heart of the process.

In addition to customer created scenic elements. Clarke Allen Events’ on-site warehouse offers endless possibilities for themed environments to create unique, innovative, and impactful designs while presenting full-service design solutions.  Technical ideas come to life through advanced technology with wood, foam, fiberglass, metal, fabric, and many other mediums.e

Design Build Support Services Include:

Stage Design & Fabrication


Scenic Designs, Props & Backdrops


Exhibit Displays


Permanent Installations


Complete Themed Environments

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