Rock Your Wedding Reception! Must See Party Secrets To Success.

Everyone is excited to attend your wedding, but let’s face it – they are mostly excited about the reception (AKA party).  In your guests’ eyes, after the vows are exchanged, the celebration begins!  If you’re worried about how to make sure you have the reception of a lifetime, look no further.  We found this blog on The Knot, which gives you ’20 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception’.  Here are some of our favorite highlights.

  1. Plan out that seating chart strategically!  By placing guests who know each other at the same table, you ensure that they will interact and enjoy themselves.  If you find that you have a couple tables where you might have to mix and match, seat guests with common interests.  This way, although they don’t know one another, they can still find good conversation – and maybe form new friendships!
  2. Tell your best man and maid of honor to cut those speeches in half!  Your guests know that these people are special to you already, but they don’t need to know all of your inside jokes (nor will they understand).  Give them a strict time limit so they can prepare ahead of time, and save your guests from boredom.
  3. Keep the kids entertained!  If you’re allowing children to be brought to the reception, keep them busy at a space solely for them.  Whether it’s a coloring station, or a place where they can watch a movie, the parents will thank you for being able to let loose for a little.
  4. Play music that people can dance to!  If you hired a band, plan out the music situation for when they take breaks.  No one wants to sit in silence while they are supposed to be enjoying the evening.  If you hired a DJ, make sure you communicate what is (and isn’t) allowed to be played through those speakers.  Oh, and just remember – it’s pretty difficult to dance to rock music!

To reveal more secrets to a fun wedding reception, be sure to check out the full article {here}.  Need help making sure your upcoming reception is one for the books?  Contact us {here} at Clarke Allen today for all of your event needs!

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