“Virtual Reality, say hello to Reality!” Can’t Miss Event Technology Trends

It’s 2017 and the event technology world is getting bigger and better by the day.  With this ever-advancing technology comes innovative ways to use it, especially in the event planning industry.  Where do we see the most impact?  From conferences, to meetings, to conventions, you are sure to find new and exciting technology being utilized.  Are you feeling like you need to catch up?  No worries, we are here to assist.  We found this Bizbash article, written by Mitra Sorrells, which gives you ‘2017 Preview:  Emerging Event Tech You Should Know About”.  Here are some highlights from leading industry moguls.

  1. For Chief Technology Officer Jason Snyder of Momentum Worldwide, there isn’t a single technology to be focused on. Rather, it will be the merging of multiple platforms.  According to Jason, “Taking virtual reality and augmented reality and linking that to machine learning and artificial intelligence and all the geospatial technologies that are available and bringing that together to create compelling new experiences for people.”  Sounds like a team effort!
  2. For Managing Director Mike Schaiman of Helios Interactive, you need to know about headsets. Being able to provide a vision for your audience is major, especially when it comes to large scale items.  Ditch what you thought was the latest and greatest technology with VR headsets and mix real world with virtual reality! Mike gives a great example with, “You could have a full 18-wheeler sit in the middle of your event and have people put on HoloLens and see that giant machine in place.”  The HoloLens allow guests to interact with objects in the room, How cool! Don’t believe us?Check out this video.
  3. Jeff Youngs, Vice President of Production and Operations for Corporate Events at GES, harps on one of our favorites – video mapping. “You can map video on almost any shape and turn it into an interactive display.”  He’s not kidding!  Here at Clarke Allen Events we’ve utilized 3D video mapping, and it is sure to please your crowd.

Be sure to check out the full article at BizBash for a complete list of industry professional insight.  Are you interested in featuring some of the latest technology at your upcoming event?  Contact us at Clarke Allen for all of your event technology needs!

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Caitlin Carroll|Creative Writer|Clarke Allen Events

360 degree video dome

Photo: Courtesy of MKG

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