Transportation Tips for Your ‘Big Day’

It’s your big day, and everything is ready to go!  You have a gorgeous ceremony planned, followed by an awesome reception filled with dancing, drinks, and memories.  None of this is possible without the couple of the evening (YOU!).  What does this mean?  Well, you’ll need to make it to both portions on time, of course!  This is where transportation comes in, and hopefully without issue.  To help, we found this blog in The Knot, written by Vi-An Nguyen.  Here are some highlights from ’10 Basic Wedding Transportation Tips’.

  1. Reserve your wedding transportation vendor soon! Vi-An suggests at least 6 months ahead of time, and to pay attention to whether it is prom or homecoming season, as companies are in high demand.
  2. Get creative! Ditch the boring limo, and go with a vintage car instead.  If you’re looking to party, reserve a party bus.  This way you can fit the entire bridal party in – and can even start the celebration early!  Give your driver a playlist ahead of time for the ultimate jam sesh.  A party bus is also great for making sure that everyone gets home safely.
  3. Don’t do reservations over the phone. Go and see what you would potentially be reserving in person.  This way you get a feel for what you are paying for, and can be sure that it is up to your standards.
  4. Plan for traffic and any other potential mishaps. Does it only take 15 minutes to get to your venue?  Better plan for 45, just in case!  Being late will surely put you in a bad mood, and no one wants to see an unhappy bride!  Better to be too early than late.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for special requests. It’s your big day, so it’s all about you (for the most part).  Want champagne in the car?  Ask!  What about snacks?  Ask!  Just be sure that you ask before your contract is signed, of course.

We know it’s a special day for you, and that you want everything to go smoothly and that includes your transportation!  Thanks to Vi-An Nguyen and The Knot, you’ve got the basics down.  Be sure to check out the full article at The Knot.  Do you need transportation for your upcoming event, but are unsure where to start?  Contact us here at Clarke Allen for all of your event transportation needs!


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Caitlin Carroll | Creative Writer | Clarke Allen Events

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