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Some Of Our Recent Events

Fairfield Fire and Ice Grand Opening
Smirnoff Tailgate
EY Food Trucks
Otsuka Awards Gala
EY Beach Boardwalk
STAFDA Low Country Market
Travel South Southern BBQ
Corning Global Kickoff Casino
Sealed Air Rustic Ground Breaking
Volvo Game Night
LPL Nascar Dinner
Volvo Awards Gala
Volvo Welcome Reception
New York Times Hall of Fame Dinner Reception
Coke Country Picnic
Metro Aviation NASCAR Dinner
Modul Marble Masquerade Grand Opening
Heralife Nutrition Dinner
Sealed Air Ice Gala
Sealed Air Vintage Corporate Gala
Volvo Vintage Glam Welcome Reception
Revolution Mills Volvo Reception
Volvo Summerfield Farms Corporate Reception
National League of Cities Savor Charlotte
Elisa's 40th Birthday
Bridal Tea Party
The Kennedy's 25th Anniversary
Porktoberfest II
Porktoberfest III
Metro Aviation NASCAR Event
TIB Book Launch
Ada's Fabulous 40th Birthday
Rylee's Rodeo 1st Birthday
Jen & JD's Rustic Vintage Wedding
Outdoor Rustic Mountain Wedding
The Jonson's Upscale Fall Wedding
The Tang's Wedding
The Trask's Classic Coral Wedding
Leena & Joseph's Maharani Wedding
Enchanted Mountain Top Style Shoot
Fairfield Bridal Show