Inject Some Energy into those Mundane Meetings with a Few Simple Techniques

Do you dread having or attending meetings?  Do intended short meetings drag into hours upon hours of sitting?  How about afterwards, do you feel as if you didn’t make any progress?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, don’t be alarmed – you aren’t the only one with this problem!  Meetings seem like they would be a straightforward task, but we all know that isn’t always the case.  To help, we found this MeetingsNet article, written by Tom Brialey, on ‘6 Simple Steps to make Small Meetings More Productive’.  Here are some of our favorite highlights.

  1. Get out of that office conference room!  We get it, it’s the main hub for meetings, but it’s pretty boring.  Having a meeting offsite, outside, or even just while standing up instead of sitting will be an innovative change of scenery for all involved.  Here at Clarke Allen, we recommend holding a fun team building activity, or hosting an offsite dinner!  
  2. No one likes watching people read directly from a PowerPoint presentation!  If you want to send the material around ahead of time, go for it.  However, there’s not much worse than sitting through hours of watching someone read from a screen.  Try getting rid of the presentation altogether and stimulate your audience to engage in conversation.  Some of the best ideas are brought to the table from peers bouncing ideas off of each other during a discussion!
  3. Establish a plan, and stick to it!  Having this plan will kick the meeting off with a purpose, and ensure that valuable time isn’t being wasted.  Make a list of the meeting’s goals ahead of time, as well as a time frame.  Knowing that the clock is ticking will spark the group to get things done efficiently.  In turn, your meeting should end with everyone feeling accomplished!

Be sure to check out the article at the link below for the full list of steps to make your small meetings more productive.  Need some ideas?  Contact us here at Clarke Allen, and we will help make your next meeting great!

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