Power Up For Your Next Meeting With a Motivating March

No surprise here… every employee dreads meetings.  There is only one guaranteed element of a meeting – lots and lots of sitting.  You should probably apologize to those Apple Watches and Fitbits ahead of time because there will be no steps occurring here.  What if you could change that?  This Bizbash article says you can!  Written by Mitra Sorrells, here’s ‘Why You Should Add Walking to Your Next Meeting or Event’.  Here are some of our favorite highlights.

Adding walking to a meeting has multiple benefits, including more output!  According to executive vice president at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, Jeff Hurt, “Learning is directly correlated to how much thinking you do.  And the more you can move your body during the thinking process, the higher the retention and recall process is of your learning.”  In other words, sitting still for long hours is not the best way to spark new ideas – go figure!  The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine performed a study on walking meetings, and found an increase of productivity with simply changing one seated meeting to a walking one instead per week.  So, how can you implement walking meetings?  Easy!  Tell your participants to wear comfortable walking attire, give a place and time to meet, and you’re off!  Just remember, stick to an easy pace, don’t over-do the distance, and choose a safe route with walkways.  Give your participants an agenda ahead of time so they can bring their ideas to the sidewalk.  Once the meeting is over, send a summary to the group of what was discussed, as well as a plan for the future.

To get more information on walking meetings, be sure to check out the article [here].  Need help with getting the blood flowing at your next corporate meeting or event?  Contact us [here] at Clarke Allen, and we will have your attendees up, moving and engaged!

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