J.Sam Daniels

J.Sam was the owner and operator of J.Sam's Wine bar. J.Sam's place was a successful and popular destination for 6 years in the South Park area of Charlotte, NC. J.Sam built a reputation of exceptional service, great wines and spectacular food. It became a place not only for locals to gather, but known for hosting premier event. J.Sam's Wine bar hosted groups as small as 20 and up to 300 for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. As the owner, he was very involved with ever detail to create happy repeat customers.

From 2003 through 2102, J. Sam has served as President of Daniels Consulting, a strategic and marketing consulting firm whose clients included the National Federation of Independent Businesses, National Republican Senatorial Committee, All Children Matter and dozens of candidates running for governor, senate, congress and state legislative office.

Prior to starting Daniels Consulting, J.Sam took a relatively unknown Alabama Congressman Bob Riley's gubernatorial campaign and turned the race around in the primary election, launching the candidate from 22% in the polls to garnering 73% of the vote and defeating the highly favored incumbent Lt. Governor. He continued the success in the general election by defeating Alabama's Democratic incumbent governor. J.Sam also organized and promoted a fundraiser luncheon for Riley with guest speaker, President George W. Bush. The luncheon was attended by over 2,800 people and raised over $ 4 million dollars.

In 1999 to 2001, J.Sam served as the Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party where he designed, implemented, managed and publicized the most successful state party-run presidential primary in state history. A record 573,000 voters participated in the state party-run primary staffed by over 5,600 volunteers at over 1,400 precincts in each of the state's 46 counties. He also conceived and organized a national televised debate on MSNBC between the Republican candidates running for president. The fundraising event/debate was attended by more than 3,300 persons including over 300 members of the press from around the world.

During his tenure as the party's Executive Director, J.Sam's statewide political marketing and public relations campaign resulted in zero incumbent/open seat losses, a five-seat increase in the Republican Majority in the State House. This successful campaign also ended 120 years of Democratic control of the State Senate.

Before serving as the Party's Executive Director, J.Sam managed Guy Millner's gubernatorial campaign in Georgia where he won the Republican primary. J.Sam also served as a Field Representative for the Republican National Committee where he helped elect candidates throughout the Southeast. These candidates include Gov. Mike Foster (LA), Sen. Jeff Sessions (AL), Congressman Robert Adlerholt (AL), Senator Jesse Helms (NC), Senator Tim Hutchison (AR) and Congressman Asa Hutchison (AR) to name a few.

J.Sam currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Tanya, and son, Holt.