Why Hire a Destination Management Company?

Have you ever tried to pull together a massive professional event and wished you could clone yourself to tie up loose ends that never seem to stop? Chances are, you could have saved a lot of headaches by hiring a destination management company (DMC).  That’s exactly what they’re designed to do: take the stress out of corporate event planning and pull everything off without a hitch. Here at Clarke Allen Events, we are a DMC – so here’s some information from the experts themselves (us, of course)!

So, what exactly does a DMC do?  

Good question!  Destination management companies oversee all designing, planning and production of an event from start to finish, including meeting support services, transportation, entertainment, team-building activities, group tours, themed events, hotel accommodations, conference services and more. Think of your favorite conference or corporate event, and what made it so great. Odds are, a DMC was working behind the scenes, to make it the best event you’ve ever experienced.

Why should you hire a DMC?  

The better question is – why shouldn’t you?  DMCs save you time and effort. You already have a full plate, and finding the time to plan a massive event isn’t easy.  Even if you are already an event planner, hiring a DMC is a smart business move.

They are “industry insiders”.  There’s a trust that is built between DMC professionals and the partners they work with.  That ease of communication (and insider knowledge) is invaluable.  Sure, you may know some of the best local vendors, but a great DMC has established relationships with the best vendors and venues in town, and they’re familiar with the ins and outs of working with each one.

Lastly they have local buying power and can help you check off every box on your wish list and stay within your budget throughout the process. DMC’s can leverage lower prices by using their large purchasing power to negotiate preferential rates with local vendors and suppliers. This saves you time that you would have otherwise spent trying to compare your options and build relationships from scratch.

What can your DMC do?  

The possibilities are endless!  A DMC maintains in-depth local knowledge of the region they represent.  DMC’s are highly specialized consultants for  every aspect of event planning.  Some examples include:

  • Accounting (such as auditing and payment of vendor invoices, financial negotiations, and providing detailed accounting to client)
  • Logistics Management (such as event timeline and schedule, transportation, and even coordination of guest arrivals and departures)
  • Program Design (such as venue selection and booking, organization of event activities, and even event decor)
  • Supplier Management (such as vendor selection and supplier price negotiation)

Essentially, a DMC can assist with whatever you need for your event to be successful!

How do I learn more?

Easy! If you’re planning a professional event in the Charlotte area and you’d like a DMC to make it amazing, contact the team at Clarke Allen Events. With the most exclusive access to local vendors and information, we’d love to show you what we can do.


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Caitlin Carroll|Creative Writer|Clarke Allen Events

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