Drab to Fab Linens Without Breaking the Bank

It’s linen-lined Tuesday!

Okay, not really – but today’s blog is about linens (and it sounded cool).  Linens can be a crucial part of making your décor really stand out.  The down side?  They can also be pretty expensive.  Clarke Allen to the rescue!  Our very own Alex Quill, Head Event Coordinator and Designer, gave us some of her expert insight.  Here are 3 tips to add some linen creativity to your event – without breaking the bank!

One || Use multiple colors.  Linens in all of the same color are b-o-r-i-n-g, and keeping them all the same isn’t saving you any money anyways!  Change it up, and incorporate multiple colors.  Alex suggests keeping it at a maximum of three though.  Anything more than three and it will look like you just threw random linens on tables (a big no-no).

Two || The double-sash.  Everyone does the one-sash, so why not spice it up a little?  Adding a second sash (in a different color, of course) only costs about $1.00 more than what you are currently spending.  According to Alex, this will allow you to do some pretty awesome ties, and is super easy. 

Three || Keep it special.  Want to use a specialty linen?  Let’s say, a gorgeous gold, glitter linen.  Trying to use too many of these is for sure going to drive up your bill (and might be a little over-the-top).  Save these specialty linens for the important, feature tables – like the cake table, or your sweetheart table.  Alex says, “It adds a great pop and is worth the splurge on those special tables.”[/fusion_text]

Linens are an important part of your event, but certainly don’t have to be the most expensive.  Thanks to Alex, you now have some creative ways to keep the cost down – but still look fab!  We’ve got your tables covered here at Clarke Allen, so contact us for your upcoming event today!


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