Fill Those Empty Seats! Boost Attendance for your Next Event.

You’ve worked day in and day out on what is sure to be (or, at least you hope) an amazing event. Long

nights, countless hours, and perfecting every possible detail has lead you to this very moment. It’s a

great location, you received tons of RSVPs, and utilized each social media outlet you could to get the

word out. So why do you feel so worried that it’s going to be a total bust? Don’t worry – its normal! To

ensure that your next event doesn’t go unnoticed, we found this Socialtables article – written by

Meghan Ely – on ‘3 Tips for Drawing Attention to Your Next Event’. Here are some of our favorite


1. Look at the details! Has the event been held before? Was it a success? If so, take notes on how

things were done and figure out ways to make them even better. Was it a huge fail? Take it as

a learning experience, and learn from past mistakes. Looking at what did and didn’t work before

is a great way to improve for next time! For brand new events, research your competition

(successful ones, of course) to get a better feel on what worked for them.

2. Develop a plan, and carry it through. Having a strategic plan set out ahead of time will ensure

that you aren’t wasting your time or efforts on just winging it. Meghan suggests narrowing

down a specific audience, budget and timeframe in order to develop the perfect strategy.

3. Use more than one method! Sticking to only promoting via Facebook or Twitter limits your

outreach. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so you might as well use them all! Meghan suggests

partnering with local press to get some help on spreading the word, or using an e-mail marking

campaign – just don’t overload their inbox!

Be sure to check out the full article at the link below for more tips on drawing attention to your next

event. If you still need help, we recommend ‘The Event Design Experience’ workshop – hosted by our

very own Clarke Allen! Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, get more

information {here} on how to become the best event planner possible! business-events/

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