What are the craziest requests your event performers have asked for?


If you haven’t noticed yet, this week is all about music here at Clarke Allen.  Today’s blog is about band riders, and features our very own headlining artist – drumroll please – Clarke Allen.  Intern Miranda Tyson asked Clarke a few questions about the ins and outs of band riders (we’ll explain in just a minute).  Afterwards as a special encore piece, Logan Berry from Clarke Allen Events, Public Events Division gives you his top five craziest band rider requests.  Cue music!


What’s a band rider, anyways? || Clarke explains it as a list of requests that performers set as criteria for a performance.  These can include the band’s dietary preferences (food, obviously), technology requirements, or even personal requests.  Remember, these are called performances because they encompass all artists, bands, and any relevant individual’s performing needs.


Why is it important? || Without a band rider being executed, chances are the band will (on most occasions) not perform.  This is because it ensures that all of their technical needs are taken care of ahead of time.  Clarke says that the band’s personal requests are critical to the performance.


When should I expect it? || According to Clarke, band riders are typically used on a case-by-case basis.  Certain performers will take requests and place them to you in the form of a rider.


What should I expect? || Clarke says the most common items found on a band rider are technical requests.  Things like sound, lights, stage size, special microphones, and stage positioning are standard requests.  However, you should anticipate requests such as favorite beverages and snacks.  A happy band makes a happy performance!


How do I read it? || Save yourself, and use a booking agent.  Booking agents are a huge help, as they will assist with the band rider, prices, and more.  Not using a booking agent?  Clarke suggests calling the leader of the band, and walking through each item on the band rider with them.  This will ensure that no item goes unnoticed.


Any bizarre requests? || Requests on a band rider are completely based off of personality, so you’re sure to get some odd requests.  As for Clarke, he recalls a performer requesting cold milk in a specific brand.


Have you ever missed a request? || It happens!  Clarke referenced an event where he was not told about the band rider from the performers, and didn’t have the proper power connection requirements as a result.  This lead to a very upset band leader, but the situation was quickly recovered.  This is a great example of how if the band rider had been received in advance, the situation could have been avoided altogether.  So make sure you get it ahead of time!


How do I prevent the unexpected? || Clarke’s best suggestion is to always ask if the band/performer has a band rider prior to booking to uncover their needs.  Be sensitive to their requests!  Some requests are simply included to see if you took the time to read.  It will sometimes be impossible to provide everything that’s been requested, but identifying needs versus wants will help you out in the long run!


Now that you are familiar with band riders, here is Logan’s list of top five craziest band rider requests.  Talk about an encore!


  1. Two studio director chairs – with names embroidered
  2. A six-pack of TaB soda – in bottles
  3. A large, inflatable animal – inflated
  4. One bottle of peach Ciroc
  5. 16 cans of Skoal tobacco


Thanks to Clarke, we hope we’ve gotten you up to speed on all things band rider.  Just remember, the sooner you get the band rider, the better!  Both your client and your performer will be happy that you did.  As always, contact us here at Clarke Allen for all of your upcoming event needs – band riders included!


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Caitlin Carroll | Creative Writer | Clarke Allen Events


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